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Louise B. Delia April 21, 2021


Today’s fashion industry is faced with the great challenge of having over-demanding users.

People have become more and more particular with the type of clothing they buy and wear.

Be it political, religious, or ethical reasons, apparel brands have no option but to employ an agile business model to continuously address their customers’ demands.

That said, investors are finding it difficult to invest in clothing brands that will successfully design, manufacture and market their products.

Maintaining customer loyalty and cash flow in an apparel brand is a tedious process and requires a creative team with new initiatives that are constantly keeping up with the rapidly changing market.

See startup fashion companies’ online reviews from US-Reviews for some insight into the newest and successful apparel brands in the country.

Indie brands, generically associated with independently owned companies, are representing a new breed of apparel brands and entrepreneurship.

These brands are rewriting the rules of traditional business while focusing on creativity, productivity, and progressiveness.

With this, let us look at some of the advantages that indie brands hold and why they are the best choice for investors.

Purpose Driven

Just as its name goes, Indie brands; independent brands are often founded with the mission to serve a specific niche present in the market.

Indie brands are born out of passion and ambition to solve a certain problem or pursue a business venture due to a certain motive.

Indie brands are solely synthesized out of strong ambition and passion

Most of the time, entrepreneurs who have ventured into starting indie brands, have remarkable creation stories that give their business an upper hand while marketing their clothing.

These creation stories do well in capturing people’s attention and resonating deeply with day-to-day normal people.

Unique designs and styles.

Indie artists are known for being creative in their art and are associated with creating unique art forms.

Their clothes stand out from mass-produced clothing that is made by corporate large-scale manufacturers.

Indie brands have a unique artistic approach that shows off their talents giving them an edge in marketing.

Their merchandise easily stands out from others and can be recognizable from afar.

Clothing can be customizable.

Another aspect that enables indie brands to score higher in marketing points is their ability to be customizable.

Their products are not limited to size, type, or color, there is something for everyone.

Customers often request a custom design and have them done and delivered with an almost equal charge to what it would have cost to purchase an article from a high-end clothing store.

This, hands down is a luxury that cannot be bought from any superstore or even from a high-end brand.

Design Conscious.

Indie brands are fundamentally design-driven and focus on the appearance and functionality of their merchandise.

The key differentiator of indie brands and other large-scale produced clothing is that Indie brands place a premium on their designs and how they manufacture their merchandise.

Indie artists are keen on their clothing, they put in a lot of time and focus into their products to achieve detail-oriented clothing.

From the design of the actual clothing to packaging and eventually shipping, indie brands pour in love and ambitions into their product such that sometimes they are not afraid to charge a premium on them.

Independently funded.

Indie brands are most of the time funded initially by their founders.

What might seem like a financial limitation, indie brands’ experience might act as their strength.

This is so because indie artists are forced to think of creative ways to meet their capital requirements.

The bootstrap approach gives indie brand entrepreneurs a slight edge over other brands since they are more appealing to customers and are more likely to adapt quickly to the changing market.


Indie brands are creating a revolutionary statement in the entrepreneurial world.

Consisting of majorly young individuals, indie brands have taken advantage of corporate companies’ drawbacks and have created a business spectrum that is more agile and flexible.

Indie brands can design, manufacture, and distribute goods better than traditional fashion brands and have created a loyal customer base which in turn creates steady cash flow.

So, are indie clothing brands worth investing in?

Yes, they are, they possess many advantages that traditional corporate fashion outlets do not possess.

However, just as any business venture, investing in a business like a clothing brand can be risky too, so make sure you do proper research before pouring in your money to a specific brand.

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Louise B. Delia January 13, 2021

Fashion is a powerful means for individuals to express their individuality. A lot of things go into creating good fashion items; fabric, silhouette, embellishments, design, colour, etc. but the most dominant of all these features is colour. Even if the design of a dress is beautiful, the colour can make or mar its beauty. Here are the most used colours in fashion:


A bright yellow is the colour of the sunshine. Yellow is considered a happy colour because it stands for optimism, cheerfulness, freshness, energy, enlightenment, etc. Science tells us that yellow stimulates our brains and causes us to be more active. If you want to buy fashion products, irrespective of the colour, you should check reviews about fashion brands like Zaful UK to know if you should patronize them.


Orange is a mixture of yellow and red and is considered a happy colour too. It represents warmth, enjoyment, freedom, creativity, success, etc. It is flamboyant and has a lot of positive physical benefits. For instance, it helps to boost our self-confidence, stimulate our appetite and promotes our wellbeing

Dark colours

Dark colours are considered powerful colours because they empower us when we wear them. Dark colours include colours like chocolate brown, dark green, charcoal and black, etc. They make us more persuasive and influential. For instance, black is a colour that makes anyone look gorgeous and mysterious.


Blue helps to relieve stress and enhance a sense of peacefulness. It sends positive signals to our mind and body, which in return produces chemicals with calming effects. Blue is also a symbol of loyalty and confidence; this is why most logos and uniforms have shades of blue.


Pink helps you to make a good first impression. It is charming, playful and sweet. It makes anyone who wears it look friendly and approachable. If you are meeting new people, you can wear a pink outfit to make a good first impression.


Red is also called the colour of passion. It brings about intense emotions such as love, desire, passion, sensuality, etc. Science also says that it draws attention and interest and enhances your breathing. It is livelier when combined with black and more romantic when combined with black.

Apart from these popular colours, you should choose the colours of your outfit based on your skin tone. Here are tips for choosing colours based on your skin tone:

Fair/pale skin

If you have a milky pallor, then it is advised to go for colours that contrast with your skin tone. Darker colours such as grey, brown, burgundy, bottle green, navy, bold blue, etc. go well with your skin tone. You should avoid bright or pastel shades and go for neutrals like light beige, white,  or stone. Choose bolder shades like khaki, camel, etc.

Olive skin

If you have a skin that tans rather than toasts in the sun, you have olive skin. Choose colours that are brighter or darker. Avoid colours with yellow or green tones, so that you won’t look nude in your clothes.

Dark skin

You can wear any colour without any fear. Your skin tone perfectly matches a lot of hues and shades and cannot be washed out. However, ensure you combine bold and bright colours with other colours that make it balanced. Also, brown is a no-go for you, because it bleeds into your skin.

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Louise B. Delia August 10, 2019

Investing in real estate can be hard to understand for a lot of people, but if you have knowledge about it, you will be a successful investor. In this article, we present information that should be of interest to experienced and inexperienced investors. Continue to read and learn how you can invest in real estate successfully.

Do not be afraid to spend money on marketing. It is easy to just focus on the numbers and get fixated on how much marketing is costing you. However, it is important to think of the marketing as an investment in and of itself. If done the right way, it will only benefit you in the end.

Interact with others who invest in real estate. Find out what tips and tricks they have learned along the way. It can be quite useful to have a couple of friends who know a lot about investing in real estate. You can easily find some online. Join some forums and make an effort to meet some of the users.

Build a strong team that is going to work with you during the whole process. This means that you will need to get a realtor, accountant and lawyer that will help safeguard you in case anything goes wrong in the process. These people will also give you great advice while you invest.

Stay away from deals that are too good to be true, especially with investors that you cannot trust or do not have a good reputation. It is important to stick with those who have a good reputation because getting ripped off in this business can cost you a lot of money.

Consider a broader horizon and invest in some business properties along with your residential rentals. You can earn quite a lot of money over the long term by investing in business properties. Business complexes and strip malls are a few ideas; both open up the door to great ventures.

Always negotiate free of emotions. There’s no need to get emotional about your investments. Emotional buying can cause you to overpay on an investment property. Following this piece of advice will ensure you make more money.

Be prepared for failure. Failure is part of the learning process. You are going to make mistakes. Make sure you have a few exit strategies and some money put back just in case. Don’t let your failures discourage you. Don’t give up and quit. Learn from your mistakes and keep going.

Don’t jump into real estate investment while you’re still wet behind the ears. Get to know others who are in the business and learn from their experience. Join real estate clubs. Read books and visit websites that offer tips and information on real estate investing. Don’t invest until you really know what you are doing.

People can make a lot of money or lose a lot when it comes to real estate. However, now that you have some great tips on hand you should be able to do well with it. Don’t get too scared of this and be held back by that fear. Just learn what you can and you’ll see the money come in. Share your new knowledge with others you know interested in real estate development.…

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Louise B. Delia May 17, 2019

You’ve probably heard about people home schooling their kids and thought that it would be pretty difficult to do the same for your kids. Home schooling is actually pretty simple if you know what to do. The tips and advice in this article will make it easy for you to home school your kids.

One on one time is integral when you are teaching young children. You should set up a craft area or play area in your home school. Encourage the more advanced kids to work with the younger ones. This will help all your kids learn, plus your older ones will enjoy knowing that you have confidence in them and think they are good teachers.

Do not forget to teach ‘elective’ subjects like art. Incorporate drawing activities centered around other lesson plans, or use clay or fabric to create something textural that focuses on another demonstrating something learned in another subject. You can have them express themselves in many different ways. Immersion is the best way to foster a healthy learning atmosphere.

Spend a little time networking. Use the Internet to find families in your area that are homeschooling, and arrange activities together. It is also beneficial to connect with people across the country, as you can share ideas and techniques with one another. You will also have a support system when/if things get a little difficult.

Research the resources available in your area. Certain establishments may have special classes or activities designed particularly for homeschooled children. You may also get discounts on cultural events in the area. Also, do not forget about the Internet. There is a wealth of knowledge on different forums and websites that is easy to access.

There are many homeschooling groups available in many cities and towns across the country. Search online to find the groups in your area. You can then take part in group activities and have other parents to talk with if you have problems. You are sure to quickly develop relationships with these families that you and your children will cherish.

Keep your schedule flexible. There is no need to complete one thing in a set amount of time. If you find that your children are enjoying a particular subject, stick with it. There is plenty of time to teach them what they need to learn. Staying flexible will reduce the levels of stress that can be incorporated with homeschooling.

One of the things that holds parents back from homeschooling is the myth that doing so will end up costing more than private school tuition. While some of the learning materials out there are, in fact, expensive, there are just as many affordable, effective resources available. The Internet is a valuable clearinghouse for workbooks, lesson plans and discounted texts to suit nearly any need and curriculum. In this case, at least, money shouldn’t be the deciding factor.

As you can now see, home schooling your kids isn’t hard to do, you just need the right information to help you. You will get a great satisfaction knowing that you have a direct influence in how your children learn. The tips and advice presented here will help you every step of the way, so use them and start home schooling.…

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