Month: April 2021

Louise B. Delia April 21, 2021


Today’s fashion industry is faced with the great challenge of having over-demanding users.

People have become more and more particular with the type of clothing they buy and wear.

Be it political, religious, or ethical reasons, apparel brands have no option but to employ an agile business model to continuously address their customers’ demands.

That said, investors are finding it difficult to invest in clothing brands that will successfully design, manufacture and market their products.

Maintaining customer loyalty and cash flow in an apparel brand is a tedious process and requires a creative team with new initiatives that are constantly keeping up with the rapidly changing market.

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Indie brands, generically associated with independently owned companies, are representing a new breed of apparel brands and entrepreneurship.

These brands are rewriting the rules of traditional business while focusing on creativity, productivity, and progressiveness.

With this, let us look at some of the advantages that indie brands hold and why they are the best choice for investors.

Purpose Driven

Just as its name goes, Indie brands; independent brands are often founded with the mission to serve a specific niche present in the market.

Indie brands are born out of passion and ambition to solve a certain problem or pursue a business venture due to a certain motive.

Indie brands are solely synthesized out of strong ambition and passion

Most of the time, entrepreneurs who have ventured into starting indie brands, have remarkable creation stories that give their business an upper hand while marketing their clothing.

These creation stories do well in capturing people’s attention and resonating deeply with day-to-day normal people.

Unique designs and styles.

Indie artists are known for being creative in their art and are associated with creating unique art forms.

Their clothes stand out from mass-produced clothing that is made by corporate large-scale manufacturers.

Indie brands have a unique artistic approach that shows off their talents giving them an edge in marketing.

Their merchandise easily stands out from others and can be recognizable from afar.

Clothing can be customizable.

Another aspect that enables indie brands to score higher in marketing points is their ability to be customizable.

Their products are not limited to size, type, or color, there is something for everyone.

Customers often request a custom design and have them done and delivered with an almost equal charge to what it would have cost to purchase an article from a high-end clothing store.

This, hands down is a luxury that cannot be bought from any superstore or even from a high-end brand.

Design Conscious.

Indie brands are fundamentally design-driven and focus on the appearance and functionality of their merchandise.

The key differentiator of indie brands and other large-scale produced clothing is that Indie brands place a premium on their designs and how they manufacture their merchandise.

Indie artists are keen on their clothing, they put in a lot of time and focus into their products to achieve detail-oriented clothing.

From the design of the actual clothing to packaging and eventually shipping, indie brands pour in love and ambitions into their product such that sometimes they are not afraid to charge a premium on them.

Independently funded.

Indie brands are most of the time funded initially by their founders.

What might seem like a financial limitation, indie brands’ experience might act as their strength.

This is so because indie artists are forced to think of creative ways to meet their capital requirements.

The bootstrap approach gives indie brand entrepreneurs a slight edge over other brands since they are more appealing to customers and are more likely to adapt quickly to the changing market.


Indie brands are creating a revolutionary statement in the entrepreneurial world.

Consisting of majorly young individuals, indie brands have taken advantage of corporate companies’ drawbacks and have created a business spectrum that is more agile and flexible.

Indie brands can design, manufacture, and distribute goods better than traditional fashion brands and have created a loyal customer base which in turn creates steady cash flow.

So, are indie clothing brands worth investing in?

Yes, they are, they possess many advantages that traditional corporate fashion outlets do not possess.

However, just as any business venture, investing in a business like a clothing brand can be risky too, so make sure you do proper research before pouring in your money to a specific brand.

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