Day: November 4, 2020

Louise B. Delia November 4, 2020


Warning about something or an event comes in two ways, either to prevent reoccurrence or to stop it from occurring. This case, Coronavirus has warned the world, everyone, and you, especially about savings. How is your savings life? We all know our regular schedules are jeopardized by the disease outbreak; if not for savings, many lives would have been endangered. Without much explanation, Coronavirus didn’t only warn about saving but also shows the importance of doing so.


When you save money, you save lives

When you mentioned “saving money,” the best definition is that you’re saying life; this is because most savings are not kept for a known budget, there are miscellaneous saving which carry a certain percentage of our budget, and which are used to cater for unexpected events life like the Coronavirus outbreak. If you ask many families, they would have testified that they all survived because of their savings during the lockdown, and this is the importance of saving. Power supply companies are also included when you consider yourself in saving money,


Start saving from home

When you consider saving money as a must, you must include all that contribute to the higher consumption of your income. For example, electricity is another way to converse your saving. About Shell, Energy Electricity creates a platform to cut electricity and lower the cost of utilities, which also makes it more renewable. Getting the best from electricity comes from its conservation. Another mode of saving from home is to know “what to buy, what you need, and why you need them.” Most of the time, people tend to buy things ahead of seasons; although it is not wrong to prepare for Christmas right from now, it’ll be annoying if there is a need for the money now, especially if the worth is more than Christmas.


There is no limit to savings

The coronavirus outbreak taught everyone a lesson that “nothing is too small to be saved, and savings does not have a limit.” When you save from the things you use like appliances, you try to minimize food wastage and get used to the direct act of saving money. The point is that people do not engage more in indirect means of savings like the right proportion of food, energy conservation, and the likes. Even if you save more directly, you’ll waste it indirectly on home, office, and personal needs if care is not taken.


Saving must be prioritized

Those that give priority to savings before the coronavirus would enjoy more. Why? They respected the right value to money. The value of money multiplied at the point when everyone is looking for a way out, and savings could enable you to extend longer if you put it into practice. That is, while others are running for help, you can enjoy your savings from the corner of your room. A typical example is the outbreak of the coronavirus virus, a lesson of savings because it saves lives!

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